Sunday, May 14, 2017

Being Human

I've just discovered that the pilot episode of UK series Being Human is online again, after having been taken down for a while. I first wrote about it back in the dim dark past of 2008, when I said it should appeal to 'anyone who's A) ever lived in a share household, B) wants to know what out gay actor Russell Tovey (Rudge in the film of The History Boys, and Midshipman Frame in Doctor Who: Voyage of the Damned) is up to, career-wise, and C) like myself enjoys sinking their teeth into genre shows with a supernatural bent.'

Here it is again for your viewing pleasure:

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eccles said...

I really preferred Guy Flannagan as the vampire. even if he did look like the lead singer of Blur through most of it. Couldn't take Aidan Turner seriously, he had a tan... so sort of lost interest.